Chile: Comrade Tamara Sol arrested, accused of firing at a BancoEstado security guard

baleoaguardiafrom vozcomoarma, transl wos:

According to an email sent by compas from the anarchist anti-prison publication Refractario to this blog, a compañera has been arrested, accusing of opening fire against a security guard from a BancoEstado branch on January 21st.

Yesterday, January 21st, a woman dressed in black entered the BancoEstado branch in the Alameda area (Santiago de Chile) and, once inside, drew a pistol, fired 4 shots at the guard and shouted “Revenge!”, then fled on a bicycle, leaving behind the revolver that was used and taking the guard’s.

Moments later, a compañera, Tamara Sol Farias Vergar, went to a police station to report a supposed bicycle robbery, and the dummies tried to arrest her, when, search her bag, the dummies, she resisted and tried to grab the weapon, being taken down and accused for the shots on the badge from the bank.

In the station, the compañera refused to collaborate and didn’t identify herself. Now, on January 22nd, in the morning and if everything goes according to the bastards’ plan, the compañera will be charged before the court of injustice for crimes of qualified robbery (for taking the guard’s pistol after shooting him) and attempted homicide.

We remember that a little more than a month ago, on December 11th, a compañero, Sebastian Oversluij Seguel, an active and known anarchist, a self-declared nihilist and insurrectionary, who participated in numerous initiatives of struggle and social transformation in Chile (including the iconoclastic rap group Palabras en Conflicto), was killed in a BancoEstado branch by a security guard, who fired on him when he saw he was carrying a weapon. The compañero was getting ready to carry out an expropriation, and fell in the attempt, while two other compañeros, Hermes González y Alfonso Alvial, were arrested in the vicinity of the bank moments later and accused of taking part in the robbery, being now in preventive imprisonment. The choice of a security guard of this bank as a target, as well as the cry of “Revenge” made, according to witnesses, by the lady who shot at him, could indicate a relation between the two events, although these are only speculations and we will have to wait to see how things unfold.

Unfortunately, the security guard, named Ronaldo Vargas Fuentes, was taken to the emergency room and they managed to save his despicable life. There’s always next time.

Strength to compañera Tamara Sol and those close to her!


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