Attaque – Chronicle of the social war in France


Attaque is a website with an anarchist perspective whose goal is to pass
on and create bonds between the different manifestation of antagonism
within society, and against it. The sources are varied. They range from
the bourgeois press – to which we grant little reliability due to the
interests it serves and its methods to fight the direct action practices
through falsification and/or invisibilisation –, to several websites of
counter-information where communiqués can be found.

Attack and violence, whether they are revolutionary and/or revolted, are
understood here as an integral part of the ongoing social war, which
opposes to domination by diverse forms of tensions toward freedom. Here,
there will be no hierarchy between the acts of revolts labeled as «
political » and the ones labeled as « social ». We leave these
distinctions to authoritarians on the one hand and to the
anarcho-populists on the other hand. We make the choice to never pass on
texts from organizations, whether they are political, leftist or of armed
struggle, because we reject the logic of organization, no matter how «
informal » or anarchist it is.

Completeness is, of course, impossible in this dispossessing giant
megaflux of virtual information that is the Internet. We therefore invite
you to send us things we would have missed, as well as translations to
guerresociale [A]

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