Mexico: Book bomb to communication sciences department at UVM Coacalco contrainfo, translated by waronsociety:

In the morning of April 14 of this year, we left a book-bomb in the facilities of the University of Mexico Valley (UVM), on its Coacalco campus in Mexico State.

The explosive was addressed to the Department of Communication Sciences. This is by far one of the most demanded academic degrees for the workforce, spanning journalists to filmmakers, and although it encompasses various branches, most are focused on feeding the diffusion aparatus of progress and technology.

The system needs propaganda, needs people who are responsible for manipulation and alienation in mass (and non-mass) media, it needs to make the passive and dissident masses see a half “truth”, which goes for virtual media as much as for persons dedicated to covering up its greatest lies. Or was it not the communications experts who were in charge of trying to hide Grupo México’s attack on nature with its spilling of toxic waste in Sonora last year (to mention an example)? It was them, the ones who insist on accomodating progress in this decadent society, who sell their “labor” to make the system continue to extend, propagating attitudes that the recipients unconsciously transform into values, which tend to be inoffensive for the convenience of the same technological system.

As is customary, the act was silenced, maybe by the political crisis threatening the country, maybe by anarchists’ call to boycott the upcoming elections, maybe because the commotion wouldn’t be in the private university’s interest, whatever it was, what we are sure of is that if they keep hiding our deeds we will see the need to generalize the extremist attack against civilization and technological progress, with explosives, arsons and well-aimed bullets.

Let it be known again…

For the defense of wild nature and against the technological system!

Wild Reaction (Reacción Salvaje)
“Thunder of the Mixtón” (“Trueno del Mixtón”)
“Master of the Green Fire” (“Señor del Fuego Verde”)

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