Mexico: Explosive on the outskirts of FES-Cuautitlán campus

from contrainfo, translated by waronsociety:

The morning of May 14 of this year, we prepared a fire extinguisher full of dynamite, black powder and phosphorous powder with a homemade slow-fuse detonator. We abandonded it on the outskirts of the Cuautitlán campus of the Higher Studies School (FES-C), a school belonging to UNAM, near one of its entries.

We left the device along with a false one, which was intended to create more tension after the fire extinguisher detonated.

The FES-C, home to several of the scientists who work in various sciences cruel to Nature, two examples being Armando Shimada and Adriana Galem Rondero, who attack the natural in their areas of investigation and use their knowledge to impose, in one way or another, the artificiality of this technological system. The detonation was for them and for their progressive students whose sights are set on expanding, with their academic studies, the anthropocentric modernity which is carrying us to destruction as a species. The modern human is the one who thinks that they have all the answers, meddling in natural cycles and perverting them with their evidence and their complex tests between four walls, in order to thus fabricate “answers” and supposed “truths” which the resultant society swallows whole. “Answers” or “truths” that are discharged from their closed scientific points of view, which in the final count are NOTHING in the face of the force of the Unknown in Nature. UNAM has been the nest of many recognized scientists such as the mathematician José Antonio de la Peña, the physicists Adolfo Sánchez Valenzuela and Jorge Flores Valdés, and the biologist Valeria Souza, the time is coming when there is security neither inside nor outside the school. If they remain determined to attack Nature, we will return the blow.

Since “Individualists tending toward the wild” abandoned an explosive package inside this same institution in September 2011, let them know it again, they continue to be OUR target, there is no doubt of that. UNAM and all its offices and departments continue to be the target, as well as private universities.

As usual, the state authorities hid the event; we did it without a care, we left the explosive right under their noses, in broad daylight. Do they believe that trying to block the sound with their fingers will stop us?

Let fear and terror return to the research centers!
Until we demolish the foundations of the Tower of Science!
For the extreme defense of Wild Nature!

Wild Reaction (Reacción Salvaje)
Groupuscule Thunder of the Mixtón (Grupúsculo Trueno del Mixtón)
Groupuscule of the Unknown (Grupúsculo de Lo Desconocido)

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