Chile: Compa Enrique Guzmán leaves prison

from contrainfo, transl waronsociety:

At almost two months into the liquid hunger strike of compañerxs Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova, and Guillermo Durán, today [June 5th] one of the most important demands was achieved: compañero Enrique Gúzman was moved from prison to full house arrest. While it is a great step, we remain alert for the appeal that the prosecution will surely present in an attempt to return the compañero to prison, insisting on the logic of repressing the ties of comradeship and friendship as has been their behavior from the beginning.

After more than 8 months of investigation and constant harassment and hostility toward them, their families and close circles, today the compañerxs are smiling again because one of their brothers has at least managed to depart from the walls that wanted to enclose his uncontrollable solidarity.

The call is to remain alert to the decisions that will come from the compañerxs in the coming days.

Because neither their walls nor their cages will be able to put an end to the struggle for total liberation!

Because whoever forgets the comrades sequestered in the prisons of kapital forgets the war itself!

Solidarity and action with Juan, Nataly, Guillermo and Enrike!


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