Chile: Hans Niemeyer’s letter of participation in the Days of Solidarity for the Prisoners of the Social War

from contrainfo, transl waronsociety:

I have decided to adhere to the days of mobilization that will be carried out from April 10th to 20th for the freedom of the revolutionary prisoners and against Capital’s prisons.

I will adhere to this mobilization by fasting as a way of accompanying those who–in Chile and abroad–are carrying out actions of solidarity, agitation and propaganda.

To my mind, this mobilization is an opportunity to make our situation visible not as victims and not as passive prisoners, but as subjects in resistance, and also to make evident the bias and partiality of a class system of justice: this system has been drastic with us and has been bland and acquiescent with the agents of repression who have murdered our compañerxs.

Also, I believe that this mobilization can contribute to making anti-capitalism more potent. To my understanding, anti-capitalism is the political and symbolic space in which one should recreate and reproduce antagonism with the present system of domination.

An affectionate greeting to all.

Hans Felipe Niemeyer Salinas
Level 3, Module H North, High Security Prison
Santiago, Chile.

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