Chile, Santiago: Armed attack against Quilcura police station

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Police forces carried out a series of checkpoints in the Parinacota población on April 16 2015. Two women were detained with molotovs and flammable liquid and taken to the police station. A short while after these arrests a burst of gunfire was unleashed against the 49° Police Staion of Quilicura. Of the 20 shots fired, 6 directly struck the windows of the police station leaving no one wounded.After the shots, the repressive pack of dogs rushed out to besiege the different poblaciones without being able to arrest or link anyone to the shots fired at their station. The following day the minister of the interior went to visit the police brothel, and their own neighbors told him the barrage against the police station was due to the violence with which the police keep the poblacion besieged.

Stop aiming the weapons in the poblaciones at the oppressed!                                                                                                           Aim and fire at repression!

video (es)


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