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Scotland 11/04/15

“I will wander the world alone carrying my hatred and scorn everywhere. Alone in struggle. Alone in victory and in defeat.”
-Bruno Filippi-

Every aspect of civilization is everywhere around me, poisoning my individuality every day more and more. Cement, bricks, every kind of materials and procedures of modernization of the urban cemetery have become more obvious lately. All of these are inextricably connected with profit that will be the result of the escapism of the masses from their permanent cages of normality for their “cultural fulfillment” called tourism and the construction of new colossal building-cages that will house more and more inmates-tools of the urban prison, more companies and accumulation of capital. The state with the assistance of its machines, human or not, works non stop for the conservation and the as much as possible expansion of one of the main values-gods of “humanity” named economy. The deeply rooted capitalist system in combination with the technological megamachine have their artificial eyes everywhere anytime to control if someone deviates from the “right path” and “normal” life, which means the absolute domestication and acceptance of this systematized undead life inside society, state, civilization.

Luckily though it seems that the artificial eyes and patrolling cops are not always able to stop each individuality that wants to attack. On the 11/4 I attacked a construction vehicle in a secluded area of the center during the early hours by severing its cables and thus causing damage.

The machines that are used for these purposes are always a target for me because either they execute the above purposes or are even used for maintaining the “recreational areas” of the urban cemeteries that imitate “nature”, offering a completely alienating concept of the physical world and other forms of life. Creating illusions and thus domesticating even more the human of the mass. The parks or public gardens are parts of the domestication of the cities. Whoever considers them nature (alienated term of the physical world) or considers zoos (prisons of non-human animals) as contact with the “animals” is worthy of the misery that the civilization of the idol of human and anthropocentrism have offered them. The mask of the human is nothing more than just another construct of society and civilization. But I will always attack the idols and values of this world and their morality.

I salute the comrades Gianluca Iacovacci and Adriano Antonacci who are
prisoners of the Italian state.

Complicity with the comrades “Chaotic Minorities-In affinity with Black International” , “Nomads from the opposite side”, “Synapses of Ignition for the polymorphous anarchist struggle – ELF”


Cell of anarchist and nihilist conscience “Falcon Of Chaos”

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