Mexico: Incendiary attack against Telmex cell phone tower

from contrainfo, transl. waronsociety:

April 17, 2015

The  group “Until your death or mine” burned a cellphone tower on the México-Toluca highway at the height of the Atizapán municipality, México State. We broke the fence and barbed wire which “protected” the antenna and placed an incendiary device with homemade retarder on the power supply cables. Later we watched the device light and illuminate the night, the fire expanding from the burned antennae and damaging some property of that damn Telemex company.

The antenna was left useless, in this way we continue the string of actions in which as we have already reiterated in advance, everything which makes up and symbolizes civilization, progress, technology, artificiality, and science will be attacked in any form.

Wild nature reclaims what belongs to it, the hills separated by the aforementioned highway, the trees chopped down for the construction of the high tension power and communication cables, animals (human and not) forced to abandon their habitat by the pestilent expansion of civilization, everything which progress has not respected and does not respect screams vengeance, our ancestors possessed our minds, now the fire of war is ours.

Resistance to everything else!

Wild Reaction
Group “Until your death or mine”

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