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Mexico: Statement from Wild Reaction about attacks in Puebla and elsewhere

from contrainfo, translated by waronsociety: Several months ago, the communication media falsely attributed to us a series of attacks on various targets in different parts of the Mexican republic, for which reason we want to present the following: 1. The … Continue reading

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Mexico: Explosive set off in the Atizapán Palace of Justice

we receive via email; translation by waronsociety: We do not respect or serve any laws other than the natural laws, we despise the whole cumulous of words compiled in thick books, which under punishment dictate the behavior of individuals. We … Continue reading

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Mexico: Incendiary attack against Telmex cell phone tower

from contrainfo, transl. waronsociety: April 17, 2015 The  group “Until your death or mine” burned a cellphone tower on the México-Toluca highway at the height of the Atizapán municipality, México State. We broke the fence and barbed wire which “protected” … Continue reading

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