Argentina, Buenos Aires: Bomb threats and sabotage in memory of Nicolás Neira

reposted from insurrectionnews:

An anarchist direct action cell have claimed responsibility for simultaneous bomb threats against Argentina Airlines flight 1360 to Bogota and the Colombian embassy as well as the sabotage of a Santander Bank ATM in downtown Buenos Aires. According to the communique released by the group, all three actions took place on 06.05.15. and were carried out in answer to the call to remember anarchist comrade Nicolás Neira who was murdered 10 years ago by the Colombian police.

The communique also contains expressions of solidarity with anarchist nihilist prisoner Spyros Mandylas held hostage by the Greek state; anarchist prisoners Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, Francisco Solar and Mónica Caballero held hostage by the Spanish state as well as the comrades facing “Operation Piñata” repressions by the Spanish police; Juan, Nataly and Guillermo on hunger strike inside the prisons of Chile as well as Tato and Javier also held captive by the Chilean state; anarchist prisoners  Marcelo, Freddy, Juan, Carlos, Sol and Hans and members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in Mexico, Italy and Indonesia.

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