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Argentina, Buenos Aires: Sabotage of train line and Hellenic Association

from contrainfo, transl. waronsociety: The reasons to act, motivations, and urgencies remain. Also in many the excuses to not do it remain. We will always consciously choose the first option. Saturday, July 4, minutes before the “copa américa” began, which … Continue reading

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Argentina, Buenos Aires: Bomb threats and sabotage in memory of Nicolás Neira

reposted from insurrectionnews: An anarchist direct action cell have claimed responsibility for simultaneous bomb threats against Argentina Airlines flight 1360 to Bogota and the Colombian embassy as well as the sabotage of a Santander Bank ATM in downtown Buenos Aires. … Continue reading

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Argentina: Claim for bombing of the Mutual de Gendarmería and arson of two cars

from vivalaanarquia, transl waronsociety: Trying to be at our best and to continue maintaining the dignity deserved by human lives that rebel against the authority that provokes all kinds of oppression over the face of the earth in which we … Continue reading

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Argentina: Communiqué from the Buenos Aires Support Network for Freddy, Marcelo, and Juan

from the Freddy, Marcelo and Juan Support Network site We never forget our imprisoned comrades. We don’t mystify our respect for them but neither are we indifferent to their everyday experience. Solidarity is not, as has been demonstrated on several … Continue reading

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