Chile: Two detained and accused of an attack against the Intendant in Iquique.

from refractario, transl. waronsociety:

During the early hours of April 28, 2015 encapuchadxs threw 4 molotov cocktails at the Intendant* of Tarapaca’s office in Iquique.

According to police, a taxi driver saw everything that happened and decided to follow the supposed authors, and after this called the police and told them how they were dressed and which streets they went down.

The repressive forces quickly responded and set up a perimeter cordon, and detained Camila de Pompeya Sanhueza Olivares (21 years old) and another 17 year old compañera. Both are being charged under the Firearms and Explosives law.

Compañera Camila is being held in preventative prison, while the minor is under night house arrest for a length of 60 days, as long as the investigation lasts.

After the arrests members of the OS-9 carried out a series of raids without dismissing a link with the previous incendiary attack against a police station.

Solidarity with the arrested compañeras!

*transl. note: Intendants in Chile are the head government administrators of Regions, close to a governor in the US.

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