A Letter of Solidarity with the Informal Anarchist Federation by Walter Bond, A.L.F Prisoner of War

from actforfreedomnow:

Hello, my name is Walter Bond. I am currently serving a prison sentence in the United States for 3 A.L.F. arsons totaling nearly 2 million dollars’ worth of damage. Recently, I read a statement in solidarity with the Conspiracy Cells of Fire attempting to create a real voice for all of us political prisoners and prisoners of war, those of us that have fought and still fight from our prison cells against all civilization. I was happy to see that solidarity was signed with me in that article as well. As a small token of my support please accept the enclosed brief letter of solidarity that I have written for the Informal Anarchist Federation. Animal Liberation, Whatever It May Take!


Walter Bond
A.L.F. Lone Wolf

P.S. Free to reprint my letter anywhere you would like, in whole or in part.

You can write me directly at:

Davis County Jail
Walter Bond 2011-03339
PO Box 130
Farmington UT 84015-0130

You can also reach my liaison to the outside world by email: elizabethtobier(at)gmail.com

– A Letter of Solidarity with the Informal Anarchist Federation –

Hello Comrades and a fraternal greeting to all those who fight evil, oppression and all government sanctioned authority.

To all those that don’t chat but instead act, I am your brother. For far too long, theoretical, philosophical, heartless, gutless cowards have pretended to be the standard bearers of liberation. But liberation is not a book or a speaking engagement. Liberation is not a set of laws being passed and the system trying to include you in their corruption.

Liberation is the abolition of oppression. Liberation is a scream in the face of all those that seek to use you spitefully, for their own hedonistic ends. Liberation is a can of gasoline in your backpack and the power of Mother Earth in both fucking fists! When we die, there will be plenty of time for pacifism and silence. Right now it is time to fight. It is time to resist with all the power and force that love and hate can give us!

Those of us behind the walls and razorwire, those of us that have proudly fought, will proudly fight and never bow before any authority outside of our own have shown this world the path to true liberation with our actions. But armchair generals and keyboard commandos don’t want actions, they want words. What a waste of time.

I have more respect for my enemies than the soothsayers, flatterers and hobbyists. Because at least my enemies are honest, at least my oppressors don’t pretend to be otherwise and at least they know how to act and react for the benefit of everything their twisted black hearts hold dear. No scribe, scribbler, voicebox or bag of wind is a commander of anything outside of opinions and pieces of paper. That is why I speak for myself. That is why I strongly recommend that all political prisoners speak up whenever we can because when we stay silent, lesser women and men start speaking for us. Or worse yet, our silence makes us seem non-existent.

This government, that government, all government will always try to scare the many with the few. Because the truly free, those with a feral heart, can light fires in their cities even from behind their prison walls. And you know what? They can have my body, and that’s all they can have. I exist, we exist, in the resolve of every comrade that is not scared and is going to employ direct action right now!

You can keep me locked away until this body is dead and decays and that’s the end of their power! You cannot stop the spirit of resistance that animates me! You can’t stop what you can’t scare! Welcome to the insurgency!

Anarchism means “no more government” not “welcome to my bookstore”! Animal Liberation means opening the cages and then smashing them, not opening your mouth in like-minded company. Earth Liberation means a ski resort gets the torch, not another Rich Liberal building an eco-friendly house. And Human Liberation means ending the oppression of all civilization, not chanting slogans to news cameras.

In direct solidarity with the International Animal Liberation Front, the International Earth Liberation Front, the Animal Rights Militia, Militant Forces Against Huntingdon Life Sciences, the Conspiracy Cells of Fire. In solidarity with all political prisoners and to every warrior that has laid down their life or their freedom for true liberation. In solidarity with the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense and Move! Long live John Africa! Animal Liberation, Whatever It May Take!

“If a man is truly free, he cannot be debased by the weight of his shackles.”
– an unknown French anarchist’s last words before being sentenced to death

Davis County Jail
Walter Bond 2011-03339
PO Box 130
Farmington UT 84025-0130

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