Italy: Additional parcel bombs and violent threats to politicians and journalists

from various sources:

On 11 December, the Greek embassy in Paris received a letter bomb, which was defused. It was sent by the Freedom to Eat and Billy Cell of the FAI, which sent two other parcel bombs under the same communique. (source)

On 15 December, another package bomb was received by the tax offices of Equitalia in Italy, and was defused. The note inside read in part: “don’t kill yourself, rebel: death to usurers!” (source)

Also on 15 December, Italian authorities intercepted a dozen parcels filled with bullets addressed to the head of the Italian government Mario Mont, to his predecessor Silvio Berlusconi, and to several managers of newspapers. Notes in the letters were signed by the Movement of Armed Proletarians, and stated in part: “We will make you pay. We will strike and there will be war to the death… You will no longer sleep peacefully.” (source)

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