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Italy: Claim of responsibility for the armed attack against Roberto Adinolfi of Ansaldo Nuclear (corrected)

WOS note: This version has been updated to include two pieces that we had missed when transcribing the text originally. from the press via culmine, transl waronsociety: OLGA CELL INFORMAL ANARCHIST FEDERATION INTERNATIONAL REVOLUTIONARY FRONT “The government of science and … Continue reading

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Italy: Additional parcel bombs and violent threats to politicians and journalists

from various sources: On 11 December, the Greek embassy in Paris received a letter bomb, which was defused. It was sent by the Freedom to Eat and Billy Cell of the FAI, which sent two other parcel bombs under the … Continue reading

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Greece: Update for day 1 of the CCF second Halandri case trial

from actforfreedomnow: C.C.F. TRIAL UPDATE, (second Halandri case trial) | DAY 1. | 14/12/11 The court was adjourned until 20/12/11 at 9am after the demand of defence advocate F.Ragousis. Ragousis represents Mihalis and Giorgos Nikolopoulos and Christos Tsakalos. Damiano Bolano … Continue reading

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Italy: Explosion from second FAI parcel bomb injures director of tax collection agency in Rome

from the press: A parcel bomb has exploded at a tax collection office in the Italian capital Rome, injuring the director. Officials at the Equitalia agency said the blast shattered a glass desktop, causing hand and eye injuries to director … Continue reading

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Claim of responsibility for Deutsche Bank package bomb and two others from Free Eat and Billy Cell FAI/IRF

from the Italian press via culmine, translated by war on society: The claim of responsibility for the package bomb to the central headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt FREEDOM AND HAPPINESS FOR OUR BROTHER GABRIEL POMBO DA SILVA. DEATH TO … Continue reading

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