Italy: Rail sabotage for Sole, Baleno and No-TAV

from informa-azione, transl waronsociety:

We learn from the media that on the night of Sunday March 25 to Monday March 26, unknown persons started a fire, dousing with benzine and setting fire, to the electrical wires of a telephone exchange between marshalling yards and Rogoredo Lambrate. At the spot the words “No TAV,” “Sole and Baleno live,*” along with two No-TAV flags, were found.

* translator’s note: Sole and Baleno (Maria Soledad Rosas and Edoardo Massari) are two anarchists who were accused of acts of eco-terrorism in Turin in the No TAV struggle in the early 1990s along with Pelissero. Sole and Baleno each committed suicide in prison.

more info here (in Italian). The image is of Sole in police custody during Baleno’s funeral.

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