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“A Fact” – Letter from Massimo Passamani

Letter from Massimo Passamani, who has been in preventive prison for over four months in the Trento, Italy prosecution’s “Operation Ixodidae” targeting persons in the NO TAV movement which is resisting the construction of the high-speed train infrastructure through Italy, … Continue reading

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Anarchists Must Attack What Only Anarchists Can Attack, or why we should support the Anarchy Bridge! 5

from anews: It’s May 2012 and we anarchists are occupying a very crucial position in the ongoing struggle against Control. The position of violently attacking and dismembering it! I’d like to throw in here that when I use the term … Continue reading

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UK: Attack against Communications Infrastructure by ELF

from 325, 11 April 2012: We take responsibility for the attack on the communications mast on Dundry hill on 11th April, that took out five communication services and took off air BBC Radio Bristol and Jack FM for more than … Continue reading

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Italy: Rail sabotage for Sole, Baleno and No-TAV

from informa-azione, transl waronsociety: We learn from the media that on the night of Sunday March 25 to Monday March 26, unknown persons started a fire, dousing with benzine and setting fire, to the electrical wires of a telephone exchange … Continue reading

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Italy: FAI/IRF Antisocial Nucleus claims explosive attack against bank in Rome (edit)

WOS note: At this time the available images of the letter claiming the attack are too small for us to read and attempt a translation. WOS note 2: Correction: originally we reported the target was a tax office, apparently it … Continue reading

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URGENT: Italian comrade in critical condition after fall caused by cops

This post will be continually updated 2nd Update 2/28 11:30 Italian time, from radio blackout: Luca remains in an induced coma, but today 2/28 the comrade was awakened for a few minutes, the doctors asked him to move a finger … Continue reading

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