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Italy: Letter from prison by Alfredo Cospito four years since Mauri’s death

from materialanarquista, translated by waronsociety: When I read the news of Mauri’s death, the accidental explosion of the device he was carrying, it was a blow to the heart, even if I didn’t know him, even if I never saw … Continue reading

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Italy: Claim of responsibility for the armed attack against Roberto Adinolfi of Ansaldo Nuclear (corrected)

WOS note: This version has been updated to include two pieces that we had missed when transcribing the text originally. from the press via culmine, transl waronsociety: OLGA CELL INFORMAL ANARCHIST FEDERATION INTERNATIONAL REVOLUTIONARY FRONT “The government of science and … Continue reading

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Italy: Rail sabotage for Sole, Baleno and No-TAV

from informa-azione, transl waronsociety: We learn from the media that on the night of Sunday March 25 to Monday March 26, unknown persons started a fire, dousing with benzine and setting fire, to the electrical wires of a telephone exchange … Continue reading

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