Letter from clandestinity for Mario López’s recent release from prison under bail

from solidaridadmario, transl waronsociety:

To my brother Mario,

Six months have passed since they captured you that ill-fated night, since they tortured you and threatened you, since they harassed your family and friends. For six months they tried everything to be able to break your anarchic spirit–they enclosed your body between four walls and innumerable bars, far from the wild forests where you belong, but it did not occur to them that at every moment you were going to be with your compañerxs in affinity around the world. They left you enduring pain, but your will to fight always won out.

They tried to stop your lawyers from expressing their solidarity with you, without realizing that a couple of strange guys lying in wait in the shadows of the early morning and some empty death threats were not going to be able to stop those who are ready to fight together with you. They sent their prisoner-traitors to hurt you, but the solidarity that you sew was always stronger. During these months you mocked the enemy, withstanding the pain, the uncertainty and the torture of the captivity of a wild being, you held strongly to your convictions each long moment. You used all of your brimming energy to spread freedom with each step, having success even in that so sterile place, to continue the analysis of our insurrectional struggle, and you never stopped fighting, not even for a second, for freedom and Anarchy.

Today, when you walk the street again, you should know that really your freedom never left you–you were free the whole time, because in spite of everything they tried, you never could and never will be able to shed the freedom that runs through your veins, through our veins. I know very well that this has not stopped–we all know the deceit and vengeance that form the essence of the State–but know that your compañerxs stand together with you and that your indomitable spirit for Anarchy can only grow stronger still.

As you are in the street, I desire that all our imprisoned and fugitive comrades in Mexico, Italy, Chile, Greece, Bolivia, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and the whole world could also walk the street today, go into their homes and embrace their loved ones. And even though for the moment they proudly endure the captivity and the uncertainty, they are also with us in every moment.

Onward compañero, there is still much to do…

Your sister in affinity,

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