Sergio Maria Stefani – ‘To End with the Cult of the Carrion’

from materialanarquista, translated by waronsociety:

Four years ago Mauri died, while the trajectory of struggle he chose would continue without vacillation. To the lightning of the explosion, which unfortunately struck him instead of the enemies for whom it was reserved, followed the thunder which shook all our spirits, we his brothers and sisters scattered across the world and animated by the same desire to destroy the existent.

The joy that always surges in discovering a fellow heart was drowned by the consciousness that this heart would no longer pump blood and rage. Mauri was not the first to die for his decision to never separate thinking from action, regretfully neither will he be the last, but I am not sure that regrets are the best way to remember him. In these past years Mauri was not left to rot in a grave, instead he continued living and fighting in every attack whether or not it was dedicated to him. Flames spread as long as there is fuel, just so his joy cannot be extinguished until we strike at the enemy continually, and actions are the oxygen that feeds the flames, before so many words suffocate and reduce the small flare-up and put it out.

Let us not fall into the cult of the carrion, let us not crush the bodies of our brothers and sisters under meters of earth and let us not get confused by the marble statues which some believe honor them, instead like Ravachol let us profane tombs and violate graves to take back into our hands the daggers, the detonators, the pistols and the black powder that can still strike at the enemy rather than rust and turn moldy in the memory.

Let us substitute iconoclastic fury for memory. Let us stop waiting for a future that will never arrive and celebrating a past that has already begun to stink like the suffocating air of a museum. There is a present that has to burn with our passion. May the memory of Mauri be entrusted to our hands, and may the thunder shake our enemies hearing the echo of his laughter.

Sergio Maria Stefani

Translator’s Note:
The author Sergio Maria Stefani is imprisoned in Italy along with several others under the framework of Operation Ardire which the State launched following the shooting of Roberto Adinolfi. More of his writings and information about his imprisonment can be found here and here.

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4 Responses to Sergio Maria Stefani – ‘To End with the Cult of the Carrion’

  1. compas says:

    i do not think that sergio has ever been implicated for any involvement in the blog culmine
    (stefano & elisa were the editors of culmine, and implicated in the same issue)

    -operation ardire is one “accusatory brief” with different charges per groups of accused comrades
    recently, it was reported that the ardire investigation was split in two parts: a nationwide part (assigned to the Milan prosecutor’s office), and a part of Umbria/Perugia ….

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