Mexico: Words from Mario Lopez, El Tripa, for Mauricio

from materialanarquista, translated by waronsociety:

Make your bonfire, and we will sing for you there. Remember the days long ago when we were all one. The coyote medicine is your strength. The spirits of the earth are strong and are ready to help you… if you listen.

Warrior societies: now is the time. Find each other. Return home.

You should only be among the enemy to attack. All you Warriors, keepers of the dream, do not let them catch you.

Do not lose heart.

What makes you think that you should not hide? We should do so. We have Coyote medicine to help you stay free.

Remember what it is like to live. Wild. Proud. Together. Free. Prepare yourselves, warriors of the earth.

The fraudster is close at hand.

  – Story of the Coyote Nation

On countless occasions I have asked myself what is the most important thing for all the anarchist revolutionaries who put all their energy into discrediting another struggle that manifests itself as active, radical, wild and confrontational, that comes from other basic theses, with other life perspectives, with other theorizations that move away from the idea of active passivity, of waiting, of the illusion of quantitative increase… Are they interested in absolute freedom, the spreading of the anarchist idea and practice, or the mere and miserable triumph of their program? And I emphasize program, because they do have one and they follow it unquestioningly.

On no fewer occasions than I have asked myself this, they have allowed their true interests be glimpsed through the bars that limit them; the true triumph of their revolution and the sun of anarchy gives us a glimpse that one of their interests is competitiveness between one anarchist idea/practice and another. Because when a compañero rebels, attacks, questions, attacks, organizes differently and finally too, in an act of individual defiance before a system that offers you nothing, dies or falls wounded in combat, they don’t just resign themselves to discrediting this person within the “movement” but instead do anything possible, and even use the State’s media, which is supposedly against who they are, to discredit and spectacularize this person, as well as deflecting their motivations, illusions and ideas, in the face of the society along with which (they delude themselves that) they fight, the same as the others who we seek to destroy. The society that marginalizes, that represses, that practices a kind of voluntary servitude and pleasantry, and in the final count one ends up understanding that it is society and its culture, and its morality, and its practical pleasantry of micro-power and micro-authority which perpetuates the system.

It was this prison society against which Mauri fought, it was the barracks of authority’s thugs, the protectors of property, the school of prison torturers against which Punk Mauri intended to direct his attack. Not a place of culture (which could strike many as upsetting even when it is the culture of power), not an off-hand target, not a bomb amidst “innocent” people. The attack that Mauri was going to make that night was objective, direct and unmediated. A defiance of the authority of the State/Capital which finally ended up being–unfortunately–a defiance for the very anarchism that calls itself organized and that doesn’t stop trying to impose its dogmas and ideology, and doesn’t stop lamenting the catastrophic consequences that Mauri’s accident “brought” for the damned organized anarchist movement or the social struggle, and this is what most upsets us.

Here in Mexico since that night of May 22, 2009, those who have affinity with Mauri have remembered him, he has not been left to oblivion and there have been many ways and means, and each according to her position, but always emphasizing the quality of a wild Warrior for freedom, which was why he died fighting. That incorruptible and direct struggle that seems to many pseudo-anarchists, disguised vanguardists, and some of those of the red stripe, to be a mere game. Who plays to die? I believe that nobody with a clear conscience, because this struggle that we carry, because the individual struggle that Mauri fought, is not laden with hypocritical altruism, but instead with the most cynical but honest instinct of freedom and wildness, of absolute and unlimited freedom. A daily battle which is not about last night, and which we know with certainty will not end tomorrow morning putting the State six feet under with 4 bombs and some blasphemies. We are not illusionists. This is a war that is fought daily from our persons, from our attitudes and with those around us. It is a struggle in which we are responsible to employ every means at our disposal. But I for one do not recognize the supposed–and false–difference between radical and reformist means.

The war that Mauri fought was not spectacularized because it was not spectacular. His action was an act of confrontation which has been vindicated around the world, and which I vindicated and vindicate, because for me it should be more important to act–everyone following his own decision about how to act–than just talk, it is more important than taking shelter in our spaces and from here attempting, or indeed projecting, a struggle that is more ficticious than real. Because for me the action that Mauri did not manage to complete for reasons we already know takes on a greater importance than it does to sit as mere a spectator, admiring insurgent and violent struggles in times and spaces foreign from our own, while discrediting the local ones with vain and crude arguments.

For me, compañero Mauricio Morales is not a martyr, nor an icon of what could be called anarchist insurrectionalism, nor do I turn him into a victim or a hero. A timely remembrance of him is at the same time the struggle itself as well as an act that does not allow this part of History to be vilely buried, and I say it with fucking indignation, not only for the State, but for those who are called compañerxs of ideas.

I take my leave with some of the Punky’s lines which I have always liked:

“Known is the sad fate of the rebel who attacks power, who scorns authority and attacks her enemies head-on: the cops, the system… etc. Because when freedom, love and anarchy accompany the beating of your heart, anarchy does not die in the mouth, it prevails in active hands.”

Before sleeping I embrace the chaos as an idea that frees my body and my mind, because when all is said and done it makes me feel alive. And I don’t desire the quest for the grail that radiates freedom in future societies. My fingers seek the bloody return of the destruction of the rythmic chain of fire, the arson close to power and its masters. And my actions upon sleeping are aimed so that on waking in the morning, I will break with routine and in individual action with a chest of stone, swelled by the destruction of this and any society… Do me a favor: ensure that anarchy lives”

Compañero Punky Mauri is present!
Death to the State/Capital/Church and long live anarchy!
The struggle is and always will be present in the here and now!
Mauri Presente!

Insurgent greetings,

Mario Lopez, Tripa
Mexico City. May 19, 2013

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