With Tears in Our Eyes, With Closed Fists

from contrainfo, transl wos:

“The silent one walks insurgent, with meticulously thought-out, detailed steps, it is the voice of consistency, of confronting the world of daily and systematized violence, and hurling ourselves into the exquisite idea of freedom. Clandestine conversations that culminate in the preparation of actions. There is no time for pause, it is the urgency of being free that pushes us to take little and risk everything. It only takes a few minutes to let them know that we are always here, under their noses, my hands sweat, the cold of the metal that will spit out our hatred is ready, well prepared, hidden, always hidden. Everything has to surprise them, the eternal defenders of the bourgeois order, for our part everything is agreement and organization. Our clothes are adapted to the place and time, nothing is left to chance, the nervousness of placing oneself face to face with the enemy and not knowing if this time we will leave successfully. It is the path we chose to take years ago now, crudely built by hand. Time seems dead, everything looks disturbingly calm. Go over the agreement, you there, me here, our bags empty, ready to be filled with money, none of what we come to steal of the commercial flow of a dead life will be our property, we live for an idea of freedom that doesn’t give up. Once again we will let them know that we are always here, “It’s time to go in!”

“An olive-green tarp blocks the view of the interior of the Banco Estado branch located on Avenida La Estrella in Pudahuel. The impacts of bullets that passed through the partitions’ windows and a firearm resting on the floor portray the violent robbery that affected the banking establishment yesterday.”

This was how some of us were informed of the painful details of the action you carried out on Wednesday December 11, 2013, when along with others you prepared to take back part of the wealth stolen by the rich and powerful of this country. And it’s that the vortex of the war brought you to more than a project. You understood the consistency between saying and doing, and you knew to fight the extremely poor conditions with those who raise up those dreams. Robbery, expropriation, not only of money, but also of the time of waged labor that we recover is what calls us to utilize one of the tools most used by the rebels of history. We share your decision: You have to contribute in the struggle and deliver your best.

They think that the dreams you hoped for were buried along with your body, riddled by the mercenary bullets of a miserable peon of the State/Capital, but they are wrong on just one point: Our idea of Freedom does not die. We unite ourselves with every form of propaganda you used, we value your total and complete integrity, and that is what we vindicate today.

Sebastián Oversluij Seguel died standing, fighting, happy, combating the miseries of this world, assaulting a center for the accumulation of wealth, and we, despite the deep pain we feel with his passing, we are happy to have had the fortune of knowing you in life, of having crossed paths and shared smiles.

Today we can see the whole apparatus of the State. The press, ever servile to the regime of the powerful, along with the police and prosecutors slapping each other on the back, congratulating each other for the good work, making rude statements with those who are only trying to crush the compañero‘s close circles. The hunt has been unleashed, house raids, compañerxs instigated, and searches for people. Therefore the time calls for the maximum dedication of will and commitment, action and consistency.

We salute the combative life of Sebastián, his generous dedication, and his permanent struggle, which many will be able to talk (for better or worse, it matters little) but few will dare to walk. We also salute those close to him who understand that part of the insurgent path is, paradoxically, to die fighting. We vindicate, from this point on, your dangerously free steps.

For yesterday’s fallen, for today’s. For those to come.

War on the State/Capital!
Long Live Propaganda by the Deed!
Sebastian Oversluij: Presente!

Cars for Barricades Black-and-Green Insurgent Squadron
Hortensia Quinio Anti-clerical Cell
Michele Angiolillo Iconoclastic Circle
Antagonist Cells of the New Urban Guerrilla
Anonymous for Destruction
Friends of Gunpowder
Heterogeneous Faction of Libertarian Weichafes
Panagiotis Argyrou Insurrectionary Anti-authoritarian Cell – FAI/FRI
Long Live Ilya Romanov Cell
Claudio Lavazza Lanza Pankfletos Insurrectionary Urban Guerrilla Council

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