Mexico: Statement from Wild Reaction about attacks in Puebla and elsewhere

from contrainfo, translated by waronsociety:

Several months ago, the communication media falsely attributed to us a series of attacks on various targets in different parts of the Mexican republic, for which reason we want to present the following:

1. The groupuscules of Wild Reaction (RS) do not have contact or overlap, direct or indirect, with anarchist groups of an insurrectional, anti-prison, or liberationist stripe, nor any of their variants.

Although it is worth mentioning with all sincerity that some of their actions have been applauded by some of RS’ members (although NOT all) at some time, actions in Mexico like the burning of the metrobus, for example.

2. On the 30th of September of last year, a group of encapuchados attacked a property of UNAM with molotov cocktails; in the skirmish, firearms were detonated against the campus security, and even though we did not make any statement (since the means as much as the claim of the deed made it obvious that it was not us) at the time, the communication media FALSELY placed responsibility for the action on us.

3. During the month of April and May of this year, 2015, some groupuscules of RS carried out various attacks and attempts in the town of the State of Mexico, the offensive, which was framed as a group “sub-phase” around the reutilization of old means (b), combined with the undeniable evidence of our operational level, called the attention of the media, which distorted the information from our communiques. On April 27-28, they published notes that (again) falsely put responsibility on us for the explosive in the INE in Puebla on March 27 (c), an act that was carried out by an anarchist group, but who in their text (according to what we read) did not answer to any psuedonym, signature or initials. As always, the press wants to put a name on everything to occupy their spaces of rotten fallacies.

4. During the early hours of June 1st, persons unknown carried out coordinated attacks in the capital of Puebla, the communcation media again wanted to involve us (d). Through this small text we say that none of the groupuscules of Wild Reaction are involved in these attacks, nor in the political demands of those responsible. It was NOT RS that proposed the “Black June” campaign, RS does NOT consider itself a political group that intends to boycott the elections; RS has always distanced itself from political-popular demands due to considering them outside of our individualist tendency and unconnected to our practical interests.

RS is a group of politically-incorrect individualists who violently attack the material bases of the scientific-technological system, civilization and human progress, nothing more, nothing less!

We know who the ones trying to involve us are, we know the state-press game, the federal government has been trying to deal with us for some time, but in their desperate attempt to get some evidence they are smearing some people who have nothing to do with RS. We know that this is not the last time that they will try to involve us with them, but there will always be a response from us…

In extreme defense of and for wild nature.
Against the technological system, civilization and progress.

Wild Reaction (Reacción Salvaje)

Kill or Die (Matar o Morir)
Nocturnal Hunter (Cazador Nocturno)
Coyote-Skin Cloak (Manto de Piel-coyote)
Rain of Arrows (Lluvia de flechas)
Until Your Death or Mine! (Hasta tu muerte o la mía!)
Uaxixil Spirit (Espíritu Uaxixil)
Thunder of the Mixtón (Trueno del Mixtón)
Master of the Green Fire (Señor del Fuego Verde)
Of the Occult (De lo Oculto)
Council of the Uehuetlatolli (Concejo del Uehuetlatolli)
Wild Cat Lurker (Acecho de Gato Montes)


a) “PGR investigating Wild Reaction Group.” Azteca Noticias, October 3, 2014.

b) These old methods refer to the explosive devices detonated in a Ford dealership in Tlalnepantla (April 9th), in the Palace of Justice in Atizapán (April 25th) and in the Cuautitlan Department of Higher Studies (May 14), as well as the placement of a book-bomb in the Coalcalco UVM campus (April 15), the arson that severely damaged a Telmex telephone tower in Atizapán (April 17), the belated claim of incendiary attacks carried out in Xalapa (Veracruz 2011), Saltillo (Coahuila 2011), and the explosives detonated in the State of Mexico, Irapuato and León (Guanajuanto 2010-2011). It is worth mentioning that a new method was also put into practice: the armed attack against a Lumbrera of the Tunel Emisor Oriente (April 22) in Nextlalpan.

c) “Wild Reaction claims the attack on Puebla INE.” E-consulta, April 27, 2015.

d) “Explosive attacks on the Pubela INE, SE and metrobus.” La Jornada, June 1, 2015.

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