Mexico: The explosion of the package from the ‘individualists tending toward the wild’

Read the communique here. The photo above accompanied the communique.

from the mass media, April 19, 2011, translated by war on society:

One person was injured from the explosion of a homemade bomb left in the facilities of the Universidad Politécnica del Valle de México, located in Villa Esmeralda, in which a message was also found.

Reports indicate that at around 8am today (April 19), Alberto Álvarez Vázquez, 21 years old, who works in surveillance on the campus, discovered a box in one of the gardens and the note on it, “DHL fragil, do not move,” caught his attention.

He moved the box with a stick and set off the explosion, by which he was struck in the face by a metal fragment of the homemade bomb, inside of which there appeared to be gasoline.

Reports from the municipal government indicate that unknown persons came to the university campus and left the box which contained a .6 liter soda bottle with a metal tube inside of it […] without any gunpowder in plain sight.

Along with the device was a label with the text “Confidential information: whatever person opens this package with the exception of the intended recipient will be prosecuted by the federal government.”

Charge of the case was assigned to individuals from the Special Services Group (ASES) of the ASE, specialists in the handling of explosives, who transported the device to department laboratories for analysis.

The injured person was taken to the Vicente Villada hospital located in Cuautitlán-México, with serious injures to his face, especially to one eye.

The rector of the Universidad Politécnica del Valle de México, Carlos León Hinojosa, arrived at the place, where the students are on vacation.

The reports indicate that the DHL label placed on the box appeared to be a black and white photocopy, as was the message found with the device.

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