Chile, Santiago: Claim for the incendiary attack against the police cooperative on July 1st

from contrainfo, translated waronsociety:

CORRECTION: According to the media of disinformation, the device was a noise bomb, which is false as the placed “present” was an incendiary bomb, a combination of a combustible with a chemical activator which triggered the so desired fire.

When we choose to attack the damned/detestable police we think assuredly, in hitting the target, perhaps we did not succeed in what we hoped, an incendiary destroyer, the complete incineration of their center of consumption, but we we know that we reminded them once more that we will never stay quiet, that for those of us who decide to fight to take back our lives there will always be a target to attack. Continue reading

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Catalonia: Wave of sabotages against the Very High Tension Line (MAT)

From contrainfo, translated by waronsociety:

Over 70 sabotage actions on the MAT construction.

In light of the news of the moving forward of the Very High Tension Line (MAT), we want to make public:

On Tuesday, July 1st, an all-terrain vehicle in the service of Tensalm, a company subcontracted by the Spain Electrical Network (REE), was burned, destroyed by the flames in the night within a  Sarrià de Ter hotel in the Girona province. Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Street fighting, comrades arrested on July 9

from contrainfo, translated by waronsociety:

Clashes outside the Manuel Barros Borgoño School in solidarity with Sol Vergara and before the recent sentencing of Juan, Freddy and Marcelo.

Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Explosive attack on the Lo Prado 44 police station

from instintosalvaje, translated waronsociety:

During the early morning of July 11, 2014 anonymous individuals placed an explosive device in one of the many police dens which crowd the city.

This time the Lo Prado 44 station on N°5829 San Pablo was the target of an explosive attack which detonated at the back gate of the building. Continue reading

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Chile: If we risk our lives, it is because we know this is the only way we can make them our own

From contrainfo, translated by waronsociety:

According to the press, ten explosive and incendiary devices were placed during the last two weeks of May.

We write to admit agency for one of these. For security reasons we will not indicate whichone it was, but it seems to us that two months after our unsuccessful action, it is necessary to emphasize that there are several groups with the disposition and commitment to attack. Continue reading

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Mexico: New letter from compa Carlos López “Chivo”

From contrainfo, translation waronsociety:

I start this letter by sending a sincere greeting to the compas outside these walls, hoping that the unisonous rhythm of rebellion continues to beat in their hearts and that this is reflected in their daily actions.

Last week I was very happy to receive a small but important detail which the compañerxs got to me in prior warning. Amidst the monotonous and heavy daily life of imprisonment, one hopes that “something” outside of the routine will happen, and this is why at more or less  the indicated time I set my gaze on the sky and the greeting arrived in the form of fireworks. In each one that exploded I could feel your greetings and care. Continue reading

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Spain: Update on the case against Mónica and Francisco

from refractario :

This Friday, July 4, a ruling was made public which confirmed that Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar will be prosecuted for terrorism. From the judge, the cops, and the press, which are working hand in hand in this case, came the assertion that they “are linked to the FAI/FRI, an international terrorist organization ‘created from insurrectionary anarchist ideology’”. Continue reading

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Chile: Update on the situation of Tamara Sol – harassment and punishment

From instintosalvaje, translated by waronsociety:

Note by Instinto Salvaje: Our solidarity with our compañera Tamara Sol Farias Vergara is unrestricted, therefore we cannot be quiet about the situation that is happening with our compañera and her family. We only wish to express our irreducible love for our sisters and brothers in prison and for their families and close circle. And to our enemies we want to make clear our hatred with a few words and in each action that each individual and compañerx deems fitting. Continue reading

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Chile, Santiago: Anarchist solidarity with the compas of the Security Case

from contrainfo:

After over four years since being arrested, the 3 compañeros accused of various expropriations of banking institutions and the homicide of a guardian of power have been prosecuted and sentenced. Juan Aliste Vega was sentenced to 42 years, Marcelo Villaroel to 14, and Freddy Fuentevilla to 15. The 3 compañeros were also militants in armed groups that resisted the dictatorship and continued resisting the lie of democracy, for which they have been objected to a constant political persecution which seeks to silence the ideas of those that rebel irreducibly against power. The same case is being tied to Carlos Gutiérrez Quiduleo who is now awaiting trial. Continue reading

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Chile: Freddy, Marcelo, and Juan sentenced in Security Case

from refractario:

Today July 2nd 2014, the compañeros were sentenced in absence as they refused to assist the judicial show, and had their disposition under “teleconference” with families and compañeros.

The democratic inquisition newly decided about the lives of the compañeros, this time the sentences were: Continue reading

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Chile: Attacks in memory of Mauricio Morales in Santiago

from instintosalvaje, translated by wos:banda4

“This is why we call our anarchist compañerxs to abandon immobility, we make a call to coordination between affinities to carry out actions of every kind, to abandon the side of that spontaneity that leaves much to be desired.”
-Sebastián Oversluij Incendiary Cell-

“Because when freedom, love and anarchy accompany the beating of your heart, anarchy does not die in the mouth, it prevails in active hands.”
-Mauricio Morales, Punky Maury-

Days from a new commemoration of the death of our anarchist compañero Mauricio Morales, several anonymous groups  converged in a single action to remember our brother with fire. Continue reading

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Chile: Explosive attack on gendarmeria precinct in Santiago

gendarmeria01from instintosalvaje:

During the morning of June 5th, unknown persons placed an explosive device, which according to the press was made of a TNT charge.

The windows and part of the armored door were destroyed at the Centro de Reinserción para Reos, located on Avenida Matta and Manual Antonio Tocornal directly in front of the Gendarmeria Academy. Continue reading

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Chile, Santiago: We found out that anarchy lives!

from contrainfo, transl. waronsociety:

In the early hours of Friday the 23rd of May, at approximately 12:30 am, we carried out a traffic blockade on the South Access, the highway that connects the city of Santiago with the south section of Chile. We brought 8 tires, 8 boards with nails, around 7 liters of gasoline, and pamphlets which remember a compañero fallen in the fight against state and capital: Mauricio Morales, Punki Mauri. With these we succeeded in cutting off the entire freeway to later be able to escape. Continue reading

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Mexico: The trial against the 5E 3 is over and awaiting sentencing

from instintosalvaje:

On June 16th, the final hearing was held for the trial against Amelie, Fallon and Carlos, the three anarchists arrested on January 5th accused of damages and attacks against the public peace. Legally speaking, it remains for now to wait for the lawyers and judges to reach their decisions, so that  the sentence can then be dictated in the local charges our compañerxs are facing. As for the federal charges, the next hearing will be on Wednesday the 25th. If they do in fact stipulate time periods for these two last stages of the trial to be settled, we know that the judges can delay the time of the sentencing. It is important to continue showing our solidarity with the compañerxs kidnapped by the State. Freedom to All!

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