Chile: Freddy, Marcelo, and Juan sentenced in Security Case

from refractario:

Today July 2nd 2014, the compañeros were sentenced in absence as they refused to assist the judicial show, and had their disposition under “teleconference” with families and compañeros.

The democratic inquisition newly decided about the lives of the compañeros, this time the sentences were: Continue reading

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Chile: Attacks in memory of Mauricio Morales in Santiago

from instintosalvaje, translated by wos:banda4

“This is why we call our anarchist compañerxs to abandon immobility, we make a call to coordination between affinities to carry out actions of every kind, to abandon the side of that spontaneity that leaves much to be desired.”
-Sebastián Oversluij Incendiary Cell-

“Because when freedom, love and anarchy accompany the beating of your heart, anarchy does not die in the mouth, it prevails in active hands.”
-Mauricio Morales, Punky Maury-

Days from a new commemoration of the death of our anarchist compañero Mauricio Morales, several anonymous groups  converged in a single action to remember our brother with fire. Continue reading

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Chile: Explosive attack on gendarmeria precinct in Santiago

gendarmeria01from instintosalvaje:

During the morning of June 5th, unknown persons placed an explosive device, which according to the press was made of a TNT charge.

The windows and part of the armored door were destroyed at the Centro de Reinserción para Reos, located on Avenida Matta and Manual Antonio Tocornal directly in front of the Gendarmeria Academy. Continue reading

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Chile, Santiago: We found out that anarchy lives!

from contrainfo, transl. waronsociety:

In the early hours of Friday the 23rd of May, at approximately 12:30 am, we carried out a traffic blockade on the South Access, the highway that connects the city of Santiago with the south section of Chile. We brought 8 tires, 8 boards with nails, around 7 liters of gasoline, and pamphlets which remember a compañero fallen in the fight against state and capital: Mauricio Morales, Punki Mauri. With these we succeeded in cutting off the entire freeway to later be able to escape. Continue reading

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Mexico: The trial against the 5E 3 is over and awaiting sentencing

from instintosalvaje:

On June 16th, the final hearing was held for the trial against Amelie, Fallon and Carlos, the three anarchists arrested on January 5th accused of damages and attacks against the public peace. Legally speaking, it remains for now to wait for the lawyers and judges to reach their decisions, so that  the sentence can then be dictated in the local charges our compañerxs are facing. As for the federal charges, the next hearing will be on Wednesday the 25th. If they do in fact stipulate time periods for these two last stages of the trial to be settled, we know that the judges can delay the time of the sentencing. It is important to continue showing our solidarity with the compañerxs kidnapped by the State. Freedom to All!

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Cautious Anonymous – Public critique of Individualists Tending toward the Wild

from feartosleep, transl by wos:

“… the existing movement [against the techno-industrial system] is of low effectiveness because too many of the people in the movement are there for the wrong reasons. [...] For [some], revolution is only a kind of game that they play as an outlet for rebellious impulses. For still others, participation in the movement is an ego-trip. They compete for status, or they write “analyses”and “critiques” that serve more to feed their own vanity than to advance the revolutionary cause.” [2]

Cautious Anonymous (Anónimos con Cautela) (AC) have read the four communiques from Individualidades Tendiendo a lo Salvaje (ITS), published on the web page “liberación total,” dated April 27, May 22, August 9 and September 21, all four from 2011. Now it is time for someone to publicly respond to their arguments. Continue reading

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Spain: Writing of compañero Francisco Solar Dominguez 5 years after the death of combative anarchist Mauricio Morales

from refractario, transl. wos:

Still breathing the teargas in the streets of Valparaiso, after the protests that surrounded the presidential discourse of that year. The already burnt-out tires signaled the end of a day of fighting, which would return with renewed energy the upcoming year.


The armada inebriated with their festivities, passing the hours, at night the youth began to entertain themselves trying to forget another week oppressed as worker and student, revealing all their ability to complete their intention to have a good time.

But there was also one who also wanted to let his dreams loose, but in another way, in his way. For him the confrontation had not begun nor ended that afternoon at the port. Everything continued. Continue reading

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Chile, Temuco: Supreme court sentences Machi Celestino Cordova to 18 years

from refractario, transl. by wos:

On the 12th of May, 2014 the Supreme Court reviewed the motion to nullify for the case of mapuche comunero Celestino Cordova, who is accused of the incendiary attack which cost a pair of wealthy landowners their lives on 1/4/2014. The tribunals decided to sentence him to 18 years in prison and the Supreme Court upheld the sentence. Clestino is now being held in Temuco jail.

In the face of the sentences of power: Solidarity to those who stay strong and dignified inside of prisons!

Note: Celestino has been carrying out a hunger strike since 5/11/14, more information in Spanish here.

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Santiago, Chile: “Perpetually More Years,” short story by Hans Niemeyer

from instintosalvaje, transl. waronsociety

-Look-he tells me, coming close with his obese face, indignant and laughing-, look what’s left of the jam the vampires gave me…the jam given by the paco. And he shows me an aluminum colored bag of blackberry jam given out by the Gendarme in jail for breakfast, completely crumpled. And the pot-belly now laughs openly, ironically, while moving his head from side to side, as Continue reading

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Statement from compañeras Paz and Chrystal, detained on the day of the Combatant Youth in La Victoria

From refractario, transl. wos:

On the night of March, in the setting of the day of the combatant youth four people were detained in la Victoria. The two of us were among them. After our detention we were taken to the n° 51 station of the PAC, and before arriving  3 of us were brutally beaten. This is why we along with Javier were transferred to confirm injuries. Javier had multiple wounds on his head,  Chrystal had wounds on her legs and back, and Paz had a broken nose and teeth. After multiple threats and tortures that we received through the night we were taken to the following day to the san miguel tribunal in which we were officially charged under the anti terrorist law and preventative prison was instituted unjustly for the four of us. Continue reading

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Mexico: Communique for package bomb sent to the rector of UNAM

Sin títuloNote from Instinto Salvaje:
Without ceasing to communicate what some individuals carry out against some persons, representatives or visible faces of the techno-industrial system, we believe as a webpage that the struggle emerges with the destruction of the techno-industrial system, but that we wager our lives, ideas or actions for the destruction of every form of authority first and foremost, and in anarchy as a central axis of our lives. This does not mean we do not support or will stop spreading what some individuals are doing recently in the Mexican region–entirely to the contrary–but we want to make clear our difference and our position around these topics. Continue reading

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Chile: Commemoration of the Day of the Combatant Youth (photos)

from insintosalvaje, transl. by wos:

March 27, days prior to the day of the combatant youth

The first manifestation was around 8 am at Manuel Barras Borgoño, where a group of students threw molotv cocktails inside the school, which forced the establishment to be evacuated and classes to be suspended this Friday.

At the National Institute Barros Arana, INBA, 300 students burned tires and erected barricades at the corner of Matucana and Catedral, resulting in a minor of 14 being apprehended. Continue reading

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Chile: Police deactivate bomb placed at the Church Immaculate Conception in Vitacura, Santiago.

from rojoscuro, transl. wos:

The following is a communique found at the Church Immaculate Conception in the comfortable neighborhood of Vitacura, in Santiago, Chile. According to the bastard mayor Marcelo Lepín, the bomb consisted of black powder compressed in a gas tube, activated by a clock system which failed. Also the GOPE did a controlled detonation, without any injuries. Continue reading

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Update on Casey Brezik, anarchist sentenced to 12 years for attempted attack of the Governor of Missouri

We have belatedly received word that anarchist and accused assassin Casey Brezik was sentenced, almost a year ago, to 12 years in prison. Before this, the last update was that Casey was locked up without a mailing address when the State declared him unfit to stand trial in February 2011. Now he can receive mail, and says he would appreciate letters, news and books. Continue reading

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