Mexico: Barricades for a Black June

from contrainfo, transl waronsociety:

A group of around 20 compañerxs went out to erect barricades outside of the Atzcapotzalco science and humanities facilities. The objective was to promote and prepare the terrain in response to the call for agitation and propaganda for a BLACK JUNE.

Before a daily existence of resignation and troubles, before the routines of repetition, of boredom, marginalization, surveillance, abuse, lack of respect; we have decided to go out and break away from the lie that they tell us, the lie in which we live, the order which distributes the inequality and assures the place of the powerful, whatever color they may be, whether they call themselves entrepreneurs, politicians, authorities, institutions, state, market. Continue reading

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Chile: Hans Niemeyer’s letter of participation in the Days of Solidarity for the Prisoners of the Social War

from contrainfo, transl waronsociety:

I have decided to adhere to the days of mobilization that will be carried out from April 10th to 20th for the freedom of the revolutionary prisoners and against Capital’s prisons.

I will adhere to this mobilization by fasting as a way of accompanying those who–in Chile and abroad–are carrying out actions of solidarity, agitation and propaganda. Continue reading

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México: New sentence for Abraham Cortés; attempted homicide charge dropped

from refractario, transl. waronsociety:

In recent days we received news that compañero Abraham Cortés was given a new sentence in the tribunal from October 2, 2013. Let’s remember that Abraham is the only person which is still imprisoned for acts occurring on that day.

Abraham is facing a charge of attempted homicide for supposedly throwing molotov cocktails at lines of riot police, in addition to other charges of attacks on the public peace in a gang. For these charges he had been sentenced to 13 years and 4 days; however, in the past few days a new sentence was given due to a successful appeal.

The new sentence for the compañero, is 5 years 9 months for the charge of attacking the public peace in a gang, and the attempted homicide charge has been discarded. Continue reading

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Call for action from the Chilean prisons

Note: The translation below is an excerpt. The full text can be found in English at Act For Freedom.

we receive and publish [Translated by Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras]:

Facing  the multiple formats of prison-capital-state’s ideology, opposing the offensive strength of our convictions is to transgress any margin, border or wall in wich they pretend to live on the blind acceptance of their rotten power relationships, their nauseating moral, politics and world view.

The offensive resistance against the current state of things, clearly involves moving from words to action, from a mere slogan to the rebel fighting with existing order, from a simple critical emptied of content to the proliferation of antagonism towards revolt. Continue reading

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Mexico: Wild Reaction detonate explosive at Ford dealership

we receive and publish:

“Have you felt the light rain falling on you, which in a moment is transformed into a torrential storm that leaves you completely soaked?”

That’s how we came down, like a torrential storm after the light drizzle.

On the night of April 9, we left an explosive device in a Ford car dealership located at the corner of Sor Juana Avenue and Riva Palacio Street, a few blocks from Tlalnepantla City Hall, State of Mexico. As usual the authorities hid the fact. Continue reading

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México: Incendiary attack against branch of Santander bank

from contrainfo, transl. waronsociety:

Communique from somewhere in México

After midnight…the black flame is born…

On April 12th, 2015 at approximately 8:30pm, we placed an incendiary device at the Santander bank branch located at the corner of ferrocarril hidalgo and Nezahualcóyotl, which detonated successfully, causing damages to the building. Continue reading

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June 11th, 2015: TRANSITION: The struggle’s not over…

we receive and publish:

The last year has been full of changes and transitions for our imprisoned comrades and for those of us engaged in struggle on the other side of the walls. Now, solidly in the throes of spring, we feel compelled to celebrate these transitions and victories as new life and energy burst forth all around us. It is not often that we get a chance to truly mix celebration and struggle – but now is one of those times! On January 8th of this year the Eastern District Court of California ordered Eric McDavid released from prison. Our comrade Marius came out publicly as a man and began seeking resources for his physical transition. We believe these are both transitions worthy of celebration and reason for continued struggle. It is in this spirit that we bring you our thoughts about J11 2015. Continue reading

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Último Reducto – Some comments in reference to the communiques from Individualists Tending toward the Wild

from feartosleep, translated by waronsociety:

After reading the five communiques that the Individualists Tending toward the Wild [1] (ITS) have published on, Último Reducto (UR) wish to make some comments about these texts: [2]

We are not going to go into the worn and generally sterile debate here about whether or not the use of violence as a means for combating the techno-industrial system is appropriate. Our critiques will go in other directions: Continue reading

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Public communique from the Vergara Family, in regards to Tamara Sol’s new legal status

from refractario transl. waronsociety:

Dear friends,

Compañeras and compañeros,

We would like to share with you the status of the legal situation our Tamara Sol is facing, prisoner in San Miguel jail in a “high security” module, since the 21st of January. She has lived this year along with other compañeras locked down for 23 hours a day with one hour to go out to the yard. She receives two visits a week, 5 people on Monday and 5 people on Friday (two hours each time). Tamara is accused of “attempted murder” and robbery. The prosecutor asked for 7 years without benefits*, from the first day she was detained. Continue reading

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Mexico: A short message to the distant tribes from Wild Reaction

from contrainfo, translated by wos, edited 17 April 2015:

February 25, 2015
Guanajuato, México

To the group “Uncivilized Conduct”.
To the group “Wild/Terrorist Behaviors”.
To all the “Wild Reaction” groups of action, written dissemination and study.
To all those who feel identified with the tendency opposed to the techno-industrial system and in favor of wild nature.

Artificiality and its domination of nature grow broader by the day, the plague of progress has managed to sicken what flies in the air, what lives on the earth, and what swarms in the ocean depths. Continue reading

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Chile: Propaganda action outside the Southern District Attorney’s Office in response to the imprisonment of compañero Diego Ríos

from 325, transl. waronsociety:

In the days following the ruling of 30 days preventative detention for compañero Diego Ríos we flung fliers in the area surrounding the Southern District Attorney’s Office, marking our anti-authoritarian presence in the street with a declaration of war:


Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Confrontations, street blockades, and incendiary attacks in memory of compañero Sebastian Oversluij, Angry PHOTOS

from contrainformate, transl. waronsociety:

During December 2014, several expressions of confrontation were found again in the street seeking to keep the insurrectionary memory of anarchist compañero Sebastian Oversluij slain during a bank appropriation the past December 13th alive.

Already since November sabotage of the machine of hate has been expressed with fire and combat, such as the incendiary attack against a bus (ES) in the Macul and Grecia sector or the blocking of the railway line (ES) claimed by the “Anarchist Coordinated Group -GAC/ Mauricio Morales Organized Band/ Sebastián Oversluij Incendiary Cell.”

Only to name a few acts, to continue a brief re-cap -always incomplete- of what has occurred as of now: Continue reading

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Santiago, Chile: Street blockade in solidarity with Taco the polar bear

from contrainformate, transl. waronsociety:

Street blockade for Taco the polar bear.

In order to speak out about the situation suffered by Taco the polar bear at the Santiago metropolitan zoo, we demand the release of the polar bear.

Blockade carried out December 26, 2014 Continue reading

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Chile, Santiago: From Chile to Spain Insurrectionary Solidarity

from 325, transl. waronsociety:

A banner is a banner…but it is more than a piece of paper when it is marked with a form of seeing and understanding permanent multiform conflict.

It is a minimal gesture of response, a complicit wink to our compañerxs kidnapped by the Spanish State, our complicity extends farther than any border. Continue reading

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