Chile, Santiago: Barricades and attacks against the forces of order at Macul cordon

from contrainfo transl. waronsociety:

Against the repressive kidnapping, in defense of our convictions.

On Wednesday August 20th, our anti-authoritarian feelings materialized in a new gathering of anarchist violence, agitation in solidarity, and attack against the repressive forces at Grecia Ave, on the outskirts of the Juan Gómez Milla campus of the University of Chile, in the so-called Macul con Grecia cordon. Continue reading

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Spain: Reflections on anarchism…Francisco Solar Dominguez from inside Villabona prison in Asturias

from instintosalvaje, transl wos:

I have been thinking about the coherency and consistency of anarchism, to determine what it is that ultimately motivates us to declare ourselves anarchists and not something else, what is it that leads us to leave a life where one of the most recurring themes are the police, surveillance, and prison, aspects that obviously no one likes but are always around because they mark our daily lives. I believe that anti-authoritarianism is central in this feeling, is what along with the intent of freedom differentiates us politically from other political currents as well as inside of our own anarchism. And it is that anti-authoritarianism implies a break with the entire existent and the ideas which are its sustenance, within which the “judeo christian” paradigm of progress is found entrenched in the majority of occidental thought, whether revolutionary or not. Continue reading

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Spain: Mónica Caballero transferred

from instintosalvaje, transl. waronsociety:

The compañera is now at Brieva (Ávila) prison, after being held at CP. Soto de Real (Madrid) for almost the entire month of july.

If you would like to write, the address remains the same:

Mónica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda
Ávila-Prisión Provincial
Ctra. de Vicolozano s/n Apdo. 206
05194 Brieva (Ávila)

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Brazil: The best homage to Bakunin for his bicentennial – Rio de Janeiro police register him as suspect to track and surveil

fro10348187_493286377472590_6498352357232067797_nm instintosalvaje, translated by waronsociety:

Note from El Libertario: Of everything that has been said and written about the Russian anarchist this year which marks two hundred years since his birth, we are quite certain that for him the most precious would be the involuntary homage paid by a surprising source: none other than the cops of Río de Janeiro, who included him recently in the dossier of subversive persons who must have a close eye kept on them.

A report on this particular matter–which we have translated from the Portuguese–appears in the following paragraphs. We suppose someone–not ourselves–will have to thank the repressive forces for such a valuable record on the surveillance of Mikhail Bakunin.

Continue reading

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New Publication – Regresión (es)

click to view pdf

click to view pdf

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Chile: Clashes with the police near the Manuel Barros Borgoño School (photos)

04Clashes with the police near the Manuel Barros Borgoño School in solidarity with the prisoners and for the readmission of the expelled

from rebeliondelaspalabras, transl wos:

I received by email a notice sent by the compas from Noticias de la Guerra Social, and it reports on a new “salida” (a name in Chile for the solidarity actions in which encapuchadxs go out in the street, erect barricades and attack the police) outside the Manuel Barros Borgoño School, this time not only in solidarity with the compañerxs but also demanding the readmission and immediate reincorporation of all the students who were expelled from the school after having participated in other prior actions of confrontation with authority.

Continue reading

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Chile, Santiago: Claim and clarification of the latest incendiary/explosive attacks

from rebelliondelaspalabras, transl. waronsociety:

July 21, 2014

Revolutionary Cell Felice Orsini

“It is important to stress that the intensification of the autonomous and violent action of the minority guerrillas is driven by the objective of expanding consciously insurrectionary situations and not to gradually isolate the anarchist urban guerrillas in the name of a pure revolution or an exercise of self-affirmation” -Conspiracy Cells of Fire Continue reading

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Spainish prisons: Update on Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar (July 26, 2014)

From contrainfo, transl wos:

On Friday, July 4th, as many of you already know, our compas went through a ‘Auto-Trial’ (Auto de Procesamiento) by the instruction judge of the National Court, which ended in them being tried for terrorism. Continue reading

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Chile: Riots at the University in solidarity with Tamara Sol and the Security Case prisoners

peda01from rebeliondelaspalabras, transl wos:

Note from Rebelion: Compas from Noticias de la Guerra Social sent me the news about another event of clashes with the police as a symbolic gesture of solidarity and of spreading information to support compañera Tamara Sol (imprisoned and accused of being the woman who shot a security guard in a BancoEstado branch–without killing him–in revenge for the murder of compañero Sebastian Oversluij, who had died days before, himself shot by a security guard at another office of the same bank, when he was trying to carry out an expropriation) and the recently-sentenced compañeros of the Security Case, Marcelo Villarroel, Freddy Fuentevilla and Juan Aliste, who received long sentences after being found, by the justice of the rich, “guilty” of having killed a corporal of the carabineros in an armed clash where another agent was seriously wounded, and carrying out several bank expropriations. Continue reading

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Chile, La Serena: Graffiti in solidarity with Juan, Freddy, Marcelo and Carlos

from refractario, transl. waronsociety

La Serena, at the Libertador and Av. Islon bridge in the las Compañías sector. Reads: Fight to win, to do away with power, freedom for the Security Case prisoners. Freddy, Marcelo, Juan and Carlos to the street Continue reading

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Chile: Incendiary actions in Santiago and Viña del Mar

From contrainfo, transl. waronsociety:

Organized beforehand and with clear minds; in the early hours of July 23, 2014, we attacked, splattered with accelerant, and lit 5 automobiles. In Ñuñoa at Los Jardines st, at approximately 12:45, a luxurious Volkswagen truck, in San Miguel at Quinta Ave and Eduardo Ruiz Valedor at approximately 12:57, 2 ostentatious trucks and a sports car, and in Viña del Mar at Dos Poniente st around 1:15, another bastardly expensive truck, leaving pamphlets alluding to imprisoned and dead compañerxs at each one. Continue reading

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Chile: Urgent information about the health of compa Marcelo Villarroel

from rebelióndelaspalabras, transl wos:

Rebelión note: I received the following communique via email from compas of the Colectivo Anticarcelario Vuelo de Justicia from Chile concering the health and energy of Marcelo Villarroel, after news spread by the bourgeois press in which they reported that the compañero had been affected by serious problems of heart failure and had to be hospitalized, being presently under some conditions that absolutely covered his special needs at this time and that his life was in constant danger.

Solidarity and strength for the compañero!

Continue reading

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France/Spain: Anarchist actions against the prison, capitalist, and patriarchal system

from contrainfo, transl. waronsociety:

We claim as different groups of anarchists, a series of actions aimed at attacking capital and the State and everything they represent. During the night hours of the 19-21 of July the following solidarity actions were carried out:

-An attack in Hendaia (Basque country in France) on a Loomis truck (security company which gains great economic benefits from their monopoly on the transportation of commissary and cafeteria money in various prisons) and the expropriation of 22,000€. Continue reading

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Chile, Valparaiso: Fire consumes Gendarmería buildings

from refractario, translated waronsociety:

In the early hours of May 31, 2014, a fire consumed the entirety of the Gendarmería‘s buildings used for night incarceration in the CET (Education and Work Center) in Valparaiso located at 281 Von Moltke.

For a couple of days, over 70 people who were serving night jail slept in their houses away from the jailer’s control.

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